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SWARM6IX provide a safe space for those that have always appeared anti-social, dormant, and introverted on the surface. The band acquired their unique identity by combining a love for heavy trap and metal music and stand strongly for the freedom of expression within art. SWARM6IX execute a sound somewhere between Ghostemane and Emmure, yet simultaneously evoke nostalgia and familiarity. Adding a sprinkle of modern nu-metal, SWARM6IX have their red beam set to storm the scene with everything they have in their artillery and will not be stopped. The band have had regular support from BBC Radio 1, and have already played Collision Fest and Tech Fest in their short time as a band. In 2023 they were on tour with Seething Akira, InRetrospect and Shade UK, and have landed recent coverage with Metal Hammer and Loudwire.

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