Day Schedule

Holy Shit, how great are you?! Long have you waited for the first bands, and we didn‘t make the way easy for some of you regarding our bands choices. That brings our gratitude to an even greater extent when it comes to how many walked that path with us yet and gifted us the best Early Bird Sale since the begin of the festival. Out Of Line Weekender takes place for people like you, open-minded music fans listening out of the box. Thank you very much, you are the best!

From today on you can buy Day Tickets, so it is time for anouncing who plays when: Thursday rise under the sign of electronic music, that means beats and melodies till the dance shoe is burning. At friday there is the Crazy World Of Out Of Line with all it‘s facets and a lot of our young and wild – a good chance to see your future favourite the first time. And on saturday the stage is ruled by heavy electric guitars that will arrange raspy voices and tortured necks. So you get a good amount of variety in a program, that you can only get from us in that way. Of course a few bands are still to come. The Weekend Tickets are available for 64,90 €, the Day Tickets cost 32,90€.

Thu, 04/APR/2019 Fri, 05/APR/2019 Sat, 06/APR/2019
Kirlian Camera
A Split-Second
The Juggernauts
Any Second
Eskimo Callboy
Blind Channel
Fear of Domination
Rave The Reqviem
Yellow Lazarus
Dark Tranquillity
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
Bloodred Hourglass
Genus Ordinis Dei