Mummy / Daddy Ticket

Dear OUT OF LINE WEEKENDER Fans under 18!
Many of you asked us: Isn‘t there a possibility how I could come to the Weekender and stay till the end? And actually there is: Your MUMMY – DADDY TICKET. That means: Both legal guardians just pay HALF price! And this is how it works: You order your ticket as a Mummy-Daddy-Ticketbundle and simply pick the number of legal guardians. You get your ticket send, may post it, selfie yourself with it or just put it under your pillow. At the ticket box you show your ticket. The written number of escorts, two in best case, get their own day tickets that give them entrance for the event in change for the proof that they actually are your legal guardians. This offer is explicitly made for under-aged Fans escorted by one or two legal guardians. So you can join the event even in the late night hours. Have fun!

Here you can buy the Mummy / Daddy Ticket :