You can always do it larger! You can always do it forth! You can always do it higher! And the exciting Out Of Line Weekender 2019 showed us that the time has come to dare the next step: There will be two of them in the future!

This years Metal Saturday was not only the loudest but also the most successful day of the whole weekend. A lot of new visitors found their way to the weekender, and some veterans also watched and found new favourites, even in completely unknown territorries, but always with big excitement. A good reason to put the pedal on the metal and rise a festival with the mark of steel: The Out Of Line Weekender „Hell‘n‘Steel Edition“ – More info coming soon!

On the other side the Out Of Line Weekender „Dark‘n‘Electro Edition“ will take place from 05th to 07th November 2020 and will make the dancefloor tremble with Industrial, EBM and Synthpop. On Nov 05th at Heimathafen Neukölln and on Nov 06th and 07th at Astra, Berlin. The bands are already confirmed : Front 242, Blutengel, Solar Fake, Suicide Commando, Leæther Strip, Rummelsnuff, Dive, Ashbury Heights, Signal Aout 42, Massive Ego, X-RX, Yellow Lazarus, Lizard Pool, Eggvn, Auger and Haedzo will be there! Tickets are available here!