The music project REAKTON consists of Adriano Theel and Robert Wässer. 
Both met in the early 2000s at the Berlin club Cookies. They quickly realized that they shared the same interest for electronic music, synthesizers and their sound technical possibilities. Adriano was already closely connected to the music industry, working as an audio and video artist with various artists. Robert worked as a producer for various DJs and music projects. Their common passion for futuristic technology, music and philosophy led them to create the project REAKTON and to develop conceptual songs for it. The result of their creativity is the concept album "Weltall: Erde: Mensch" from 2014. In 2018, REAKTON toured in Germany as a support act for And One. Thereby they use a sophisticated /unique combination of light, projection and video screens to present their music visually. For their new concept album, REAKTON explored the possibilities of the micro and macro technological world and its impact on humanity.

Glass Buildings


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