Mass Hysteria announce “Best Of + Hellfest” an

In France they brought the masses in hysteria and made it to one of the most important bands of the country. Now it is time to show this band to the rest of the world with their very first Best-Of and their most spectacular live shows in one set: „Best-Of+Live at Hellfest“.

In France, Mass Hysteria are one of the stars of heavy rock music. Their branzenly catchy mix of Metal, Industrial and Alternative lead them to golden records and the biggest stages of the country. So as a band that reached every aim at home, they now leave their comfort zone and face a yet unknown audience – the biggest challenge since their meteoric rise! The very first Best-Of in the history of the band filled up with their biggest hits is the perfect entrance into the world of Mass Hysteria, and the additionally added gigs of the Hellfest show the unlimited live power of this exceptional band.

„The Best-Of/Live at Hellfest“ will be released as simple Doppel CD Digipak mit einer Einzel CD Best Of und einer Live DVD including a single CD Best Of and a Hellfest Live DVD, but the maximum is the limited DinA5 Digi Boxsetwith extensive 2-CD Best-Of and the Hellfest gigs on CD and DVD. With this boxset, you will know and love Mass Hysteria.