Rummesnuff release “Interkosmos”

Käpt’n Rummelsnuff and Maat Asbach: Two men are moving in an extremely confined space on the trail of the Soviet-German INTERKOSMOS mission ” Sojus 31″, which was successfully completed in September 1978 by Commander Valeri Bykowski and his GDR colleague, Comrade Sigmund Jähn. Do the dance of zero-gravity!

In the video for the newest electrocution “Interkosmos”, Rummelsnuff and crew orbit the wretched vale of earth as extraterrestrial party officials. Accompanied by the B-side “Eiorschägge”, a two-minute song of praise for the good, Saxon baking culture, “Interkosmos” is released on a limited seven-inch vinyl LP and will be available for streaming on all worldwide platforms to download on April 24th.