She Hates Emotions release”Melancholic Maniac”

The Eighties – decade of musical freedom, best times for New Wave and Dark Wave, pioneer years of the movement that later became the Black Scene. It has been those times that lead Chris Pohl of Blutengel on his artistic path. Now he wants to pay tribute to his musical influences: She Hates Emotions.


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She Hates Emotions ist minimalistic synth music with 80s influence. It is not focussed on bombast or production but on simple, melancholic melodies“, Chris Pohl comments, and it is this reduced approach that let the highly emotional songs shine brightest.


Although the music of She Hates Emotions is catchy and danceable, the album title „Melancholic Maniac“ is perfectly on point: „The songs are much about the fear to be left or about loneliness in general, about love and death“, says Chris, giving his fellow Blutengel fans something to connect with.


Still, „Melancholic Maniac“ ist no Blutengel album but transfers the best times of bands such as Depeche Mode, Anne Clark, Human League, Fad Gadget, Camouflage or Alphaville into the 21st Century: She Hates Emotions.