OST+FRONT release “Schau ins Land”

OST+FRONT release their new single “Schau ins Land” today! Listen to it here.

Vocalist Hermann Ost+Front: “The song is a bit nostalgic and almost romantic. And now in this pandemic time, it is also extremely topical. However, I was quite shocked to see how my social environment did change. Many people suddenly found themselves in a state of corona stasis. Like a massive unified depression. Without joy, without any laughter. Merely anxieties about what the future might bring. My entourage consists for the most part of independent musicians. And when suddenly all the shows are canceled, missing compensation is quite terrifying. ‘Schau ins Land’ will hopefully cheer people up when it gets released and hopefully, the grossest part of these exceptional circumstances will be overcome to some extent soon.”

“Schau ins Land” is the last single of the upcoming album “Dein Helfer in der Not”, that you can preorder here.