Balance Breach release”Dead End Diaries”

Balance Breach steps into the light of the metalcore world today with the release of their debut album “Dead End Diaries” (that you can order here and stream here) and a new lyric video for the song ‘Aurora’.

‘Aurora’ presents the more fragile and etheric side of Balance Breach. This powerful song, almost a ballad, has a perfect chorus to sing along and a bunch of melodies that will stick into the listener’s mind. ‘Aurora’ also has some elements of modern rock in it, until the smashing breakdown kicks in reminding that this serenity won’t last forever. The lyrics share a story about the situation when you find that all of a sudden the universe has decided to collide you with a person, that can bring the light in the middle of the darkness you thought would never end.

“When we were writing Aurora, we had only a few chords and an old clean melody. We knew that we have all the ingredients to write a perfect ballad, but months later I decided that the song has to be done somehow and I wrote it with my keyboard and laptop so that song got its frames. It supposed to be a perfect three and a half minute hit ballad but as always emotions take control and lead it to the way it should be. Aurora has an ethereal atmosphere that fits perfectly with the lyrics. Those two elements carry listeners through clouds, storm, and towards the most beautiful sunrise.”

– Antti Halonen, drummer of BALANCE BREACH –