Balance Breach release “The Wolves Are Out”

Today, finest metalcore from Finland turns out even more fresh and unique, as the Finnish Tuska Open Air’s band competition winners,  Balance Breach unleash the third single: The Wolves Are Out taken off their upcoming debut album “Dead End Diaries” (preorder here), out on July 3rd, 2020!

Antti Halonen, the drummer of Balance Breach, says about ‘The Wolves Are Out’:

“The song itself is aggressive and has negative and violent aspects, so we thought it would be nice to show a total contrast in the video. The video shows what kind of persons we are, positivity always wins!”

The lyrics address a situation where one’s own decisions and path in life haven’t brought any kind of satisfaction. To deal with this frustration, help, and justification are sought by inflicting pain blindly towards other people. A question arises: what can we do to prevent humans from turning into animals?