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If you had to describe the music of the five guys from ELWOOD STRAY, you would probably do it with the words plain, unposed and natural. There are no technical bells and whistles, instead the band concentrates on the essential: Handmade music.
The result is a combination of catchy melodies and raw hardness. The skillful interplay of shouts and clean vocals not only supports the instruments, but also really gets the listener's money's worth.
With the lyrics Elwood Stray draws attention to the grievances in the world and do not mince their words. Elwood Stray combines elements from modern hardcore, Nu Metal and southern influences. Thus, they surprise with a completely new sound.

Elwood Stray blends high energy riffs with catchy tunes and transfers this also to the stage where they have supported multiple international artists like Bad Omens, The Plot In You, Landmvrks and Attila while having multiple festival appearances like on Summerbreeze and Takedown (UK).

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