Rabia Sorda

Someone like Erk Aicrag does not require a large scale introduction. As the lead singer of Mexican Hardfloor legend Hocico, he helped shape the history of Dark Electro and has spawned numerous copycats.The debut EP of his solo project Rabia Sorda, “Save Me From My Curse” hit the shops in early 2006… and there was seldom a debut that stirred up so much attention upon the first announcement of its release. What does it sound like? Rabia Sorda sounds familiar and yet also very different from all that you would have expected. Hocico-fans can rest assured that, on the title track, the master has lost none of his energy and bite.

On the long playing album "Métodos del Caos", he continued down this path. Where Hocico’s sound was moving down certain distinct pathways, Erk uses Rabia Sorda as a vehicle for his musical creativity. He, thus, allows ethnic influences, driving Eighties-style melodies and a distinctly punky attitude to mingle into this sonic grenade … and the vocals are not restricted to screaming all the time, either. Rabia Sorda is a vivid Hardfloor-Eighties-Electro-Punk-bastard that bears a lesson for all of Erk’s aspirers to the throne: originality is all-important. This is music that is exciting, versatile and aggressive at the same time. Expanded to a trio with a live drummer and keyboarder, Erk has also unleashed the relentless energy of his music onto the stages of the world, proving that he is one of the most exciting and unpredictable live acts in the Electro scene at several of the big festivals and on headlining tours. Let the others keep recycling the same few sounds for years to come… Rabia Sorda will leave all of them staring at his taillights.

It is said that the second album is always the hardest to make… „Noise Diary“, the second outing from Hocico-front-shouter Erk Aicrag’s solo project effectively proves this theory wrong. Quite to the contrary, the energetic Mexican artist has created a new Rabia Sorda album that outshines the debut in all aspects. His Harsh-Electroclash-Cyberpunk-hybrid sounds more versatile and melodic but also more aggressive and powerful in 2009 than ever before. The self-confessed melody-junkie Erk has spiffed up his sound with more catchy elements than ever before (a good example being the limited single “Radio Paranoia”, released in June 2009), only to overwhelm us with the hardest tracks he has ever recorded under his solo moniker in the very next moment. Vocally, Erk’s also a jack of all trades, this time around, taking the listener under fire with his most aggressive distorted screams outside of Hocico, angry Punk-shouts and raw, but catchy melodies. With a massive production from mixing-desk-wizard John Fryer, hard beats and driving bass lines, the album will take club crowds by storm, but then that was to be expected from a man like Mr. Aicrag. With “Noise Diary”, Rabia Sorda prove once again with an energetic fusion of melody and aggression that they are the most interesting and unique Hard-Electro-act out there.

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