Oz Morsley’s love for the “Electro way of life” began early in his life. The progressive sounds, thudding beats and the coolness of the Futurist- and New-Wave-bands of the beginning Eighties left the young British man instantly enthralled and resulted in an ongoing passion that lasts to the present day. When Electronic Body Music exploded like a bomb in the mid Eighties, young Oz was at the forefront of the dancing masses, riding high on cider. In 1988, a friend played him a single from the then hot dance act Amnesia, titled “Ibiza”, and Oz was hooked for life. In the following years, there was nary a day when he was not either working behind his ever-growing battery of synthesizers and sequenced or immersed in the sound of Acid House or early Techno in some cellar joint, deserted factory or similar venue.

Let’s fast forward twenty years. After having stirred up the Dance scene with his Electro-Act Empirion in the Nineties, Oz Morsley started working on new material under the moniker KLOQ in the new millennium. What started out as straight Dance-oriented tracks in a similar vein to Empirion, quickly changed to a fresh and more diverse sound that brought together elements from Morsley’s entire musical socialization. He explains: “after I produced some other acts, I noticed that I would like to incorporate vocals into KLOQ as well. As I had known Douglas McCarthy from Nitzer Ebb for some years through a mutual friend, I approached him whether he would like to work on a few tracks with me.” This resulted in two tracks that would become the basis for the KLOQ debut album “Move Forward.” When “We’re Just Physical” was released as an advance single in 2007, it was well-received by critics and audience alike, which is little wonder as the aggressive and melodic mix of EBM, Synth Pop and Club sounds hits bulls eye at first listen.

KLOQ was conceived as an eclectic creative playground from the very beginning. Oz is always on the lookout for vocal talents that will match his musical ideas. He found one exceptional vocalist in Greg Cumbers, with whom he not only recorded a large part of “Move Forward” but who is also the vocalist for KLOQ’s live performances. For two quieter songs he invited Paolo Morena (a local hero from where Oz is from) and Lucia Holm (sunscreem) on board and, to top things off, he re-recorded the song that started everything, the Amnesia-classic “Ibiza.”

The musical mix on “Move Forward” is eclectic, yet always unmistakably KLOQ. Be it straight Club-boomers, spheric Trip Pop or EBM-Pop-hybrids … the motto is always: anything goes! “I always just do what I want to do and it always gels together in the end. I do not want to be the umpteenth act that fits into a given category … if the concept for a track requires vocals, that is fine with me… if it is a straight club affair, that is also OK. I feel that the vocal tracks are an integral part of KLOQ… and there a quite a lot of people on my list that I’d like to work with,” Oz laughs. “Move Forward” is only the beginning, that’s for sure.

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