For more than a decade, Chris Pohl’s band Blutengel is proving rather effectively that music that reflects on the darker sides of human existence can be very popular. Formed in 1999 as a pure Dark-Electro-project, the sound of the Berlin-based band quickly evolved into a highly catchy mix of Dance, Pop and mystic Gothic-elements, accompanied by lavish multimedia shows with dancers, pyrotechnics and light- and video-art. Following up on the group’s debut “Child Of Glass”, Blutengel’s second album “Seelenschmerz” has not only received the silver IMPALA award but is one of the most successful albums to come out of the dark scene, ever, giving the band a solid place in the German music mainstream. Since their third album “Angel Dust”, every release that Blutengel have put out has entered the German Media Control charts, with their latest regular long player “Tränenherz” climbing up to number 12. On their tours, the Berliners are playing to sold-out clubs on a regular basis and and are having an array of fan clubs around the globe. After nine album releases, fifteen singles and three live DVDs, Chris Pohl’s ensemble is one of the most popular groups to emerge out of the Gothic scene. With a fulminant performance at the first “Gothic Meets Klassik” festival, accompanied by a full symphony orchestra, Blutengel have added a new dimension to their musical legacy in November 2012. The band’s new single “Save Our Souls” was released shortly thereafter, with a new long player scheduled for early 2013. In support album, the group will embark on an extensive German tour in March and April, with their most monumental show to date. Always enthralling and mesmerizing, Blutengel is a one of a kind experience!

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