Sympathy for the devil

Those were the days! EBM-gods, such as Leæther Strip, Front 242 or Skinny Puppy dominated the club scene and a beer was 2,00 DM. Well, it is pretty certain that the times for cheap binge drinking are over, but on the musical side, we have got promising news: in 2003 some demented Mexicans set out on a mission to transform sleepy goth discos back into adrenaline-laden dance shacks with their debut album "Melodies for the Devil." Under the apocalyptic moniker of Amduscia, Edgar and Polo bring together the best in dark Electronic Body Music and Trance: high BPM-counts, thudding bass with a capital "B" and intense shouts– the ultimate recipe for smashing the dark discos.

Just two years later, the dynamic trio went back into full throttle with their EP "Dead or Alive" and delivered a searing beat inferno. As opposed to their label mates and compatriates Hocico, they did not solely rely on aggression and hard sounds, but set their music onto an addictive foundation of straight Techno beats, solid melodies and lost of Trance elements. It is especially this combination of opposite extremes that creates the unique appeal of Amduscia. What starts as a catchy invitation to dance, quickly mutates into a sonic horror film.

The follow-up album "From Abuse to Apostasy" drives the Amduscia-sound to utter perfection in an inferno of beats, Hardfloor sequencers, Trance and searing screams. While the ultra-aggressive shouts and the salvos of hammering beats leave you shaken, the catchy Trance licks will make the tracks nonetheless very accessible and highly addictive. First, you'll be assimilated and then you'll be devastated, yet you will still be longing for more! "From Abuse to Apostasy" was released in two different versions... as a regular CD and as a limited deluxe long box, containing a deluxe artwork, a sticker and the bonus disc „Mùsica de Ambientaciòn Demencial", where Amduscia explore combining the melodic spirit of the Eighties with their trademark mix of Hardfloor and Trance to a disco-trip for psychopaths.

On their latest long player "Madness In Abyss", the mad Electro-cyborg-trio has massively cranked up on the aggression-factor. The sound is noisier, with strong Industrial-influences but without forsaking the group's trademark melodic Trance-elements. The album is dark and very aggressive, yet still 100% Amduscia - an uncompromising Electro-attack and pure Hardfloor-club-madness. As a special bonus, the band has recorded a second CD full of disturbingly evil Dark Ambient sounds. On the Out Of Line Festival 2008, Amduscia took their new material out on the road and were greeted with enthusiastic crowd responses for their extroverted and crazy live performance.

In our times of crises, violence and madness, the Mexican trio's infernally demented sound fits hand in glove. Apocalypse-disco a go go!


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